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Blog Post 10: Top Ten SCIS hacks

In honor of our tenth episode of the Self Care is Sexy podcast, I am thrilled to bring  you this fun top ten list of Self Care is Sexy hacks. Below is a list of tips and tricks that you can use to help you get in the habit of giving yourself care and learning how to put yourself first. I want to help you make yourself and what you want a priority. Read below to get the top ten ways to get your self-care on!


  1. Get a New Bra. Okay ladies, when’s the last time you bought yourself a new bra? And better yet, when’s the last time you got fitted for one? Huh? Seriously, more often than not, ladies are ignoring their ladies! You deserve a good bra! Okay, how many bras do you own? How long have you owned them? According to Victoria’s Secret, you should own a minimum of ten bras. Shocking right? It sounds like a lot, but you’re not supposed to wear the same bra over and over. They should only last about eight months or so. I know what you might be thinking: it’s expensive!, You’re right, it costs a lot, (believe me, I wear plus sized bras and they ain’t cheap!) You can find good ones on sale, save up rewards points, or head to Nordstrom Rack (Ha! See what I did there?) It’s really important, and putting your boobies in a good bra is a good way to put yourself first!


  1. Chief amore Choose your favorite meal and make it for yourself. No guests, just you. If you live with someone, you might need to ask them for alone time, or choose a night when they are not home. Look up the recipe online and make a whole night of it. If you feel miserable, you can order out, but make sure it’s not the same ol’ thing you get everytime. Make sure it’s special. Make sure it’s fancy. Make sure you are doing it for you. If you choose to cook, take your time getting the ingredients and indulge. Make the experience as amazing as the meal.


  1. Flowers. Go to the farmers market or head out on a hike and pick some flowers. Either way, get yourself a nice bouquet. Get aset for the office or your home., What I love about getting myself flowers is using them as a marker or reminder as they start to die I think about how long I go without self care.Flowers are a great reminder that self-care should be a habit. Putting yourself first, making yourself a priority, and saying what you want is not a one-and-done deal. You should be mindful and do it often in order for it to really sink in.


  1. Create the “I like,” “I love,” and “I want” List. Create a list of the things you like, the things you love, and the things you want for yourself. This exercise helps narrow your focus to yourself. You may never buy any items on the “I want” list. You may have a hard time coming up with items. And to write or is ever changing, this little quicky exercise helps to shift your thinking to bring you into a headspace that puts you first, that puts what you want first, just creating that list helps you to see


  1. When Life Works Best (WLWB) Mancala. If you check out podcast #4, I explain a fun DIY project that you can do with little to no money at all helps you strengthen that self-care muscle! . I know it works because I’ve seen it work in my own life. This simple project helped me calm my chaotic mind. It freed me from trying to do it all everyday, be everything to everyone all the time. It made space for me to let go of trying to be perfect. I learned that in order for YOU to get what YOU want you have to make yourself a priority, you have to do these little fun exercises and you have to engage in activities that put you first.


  1. Love Notes to Self. Write encouraging love notes to yourself and leave them where you will find them. In your purse, or bag. In the car. You can leave post it’s on the bathroom mirror. Write positive messages to yourself under the sleeve of your to-go coffee cup. I had a really challenging morning, so I decided to get coffee in the standard to-go cup with the little cardboard sleeve. I got the idea to write a love note to myself  so I could walk around with my cup while doing my errands. I have it there as a little reminder to remember things “I love myself”, ““I am body positive”


  1. Set a Daily Alarm. On your cell phone, set alarms with fun, personal self-care messages. For me, it started with setting an alarm to go to bed. I titled it, “Sleep is for the sexy,” whicih motivated me to stick to my sleep schedule. But you can expand on it! Set it for a random time each day, maybe a special time like 11:11 or 3:33 and give them fun labels, like, “What’s best for me right now?” “Self Care is Sexy,” or “It’s me time, baby!” When that alarm goes off, take a brief moment to simply assess what level of self-care you could benefit from. If it’s something you can take action on right then, do it. I’ve experienced asking myself, “What do you want?” and listen for a response. It’s always “water!”


  1. Do Not Disturb. Set your phone on do not disturb during specific times so you have some peace from your phone. Generally, we live on our phones and it’s freaky. So many of us have turned into cell phone zombies! Like the girl from Seven with Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey super glues the phone to one hand and sleeping pills in the other. We cannot detach and it’s scary. It’s important to set boundaries with the outside world. Personally, I have my timer set from 10pm to 7am, which allows me to it designate that time as technology-free time.


  1. Just Say “No.”If you’ve been feeling like everyone is getting what they want outta you, but you’re not, it’s time to start invoking your constitutional rights to free speech and to say no. Say it firmly and don’t let people push. If you know that doing something for someone else this week is going to over extend, just say no. If you have committed yourself to something you’re going to need a little recovery time afterwards, build it in. I know we all have responsibilities, work, dogs, kids, softball league, and more,  but you have to ditch something. Something’s gotta give. Practice it over and over and build in that down time!


  1. Sleep. It is number one for a reason! If you do nothing else for yourself this week, please get sleep. Turn off the TV early, unplug from Facebook, and get good night of solid sleep. Remember, if you are shooting for eight hours of sleep, you might have to turn in early to make sure you are actually getting that sleep.


And there you have it, my gift to you, my top ten self-care ideas.

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