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Self Care is Sexy Survey




  1. In the past 12 months have you bought something nice for yourself?
  2. Do you have Do Not Disturb time?
  3. When is the last time you had a “ME Party”?
  4. Can you name three goals you are actively pursuing? a)If yes, are they focused on you or others?
  5. Do you tend to overcommit?
  6. Have you have a day off in the last 3 months?
  7. Do you spend less than 10 hours a week watching TV?
  8. Do you have someone in your life that YOU feel really listens to you?
  9. Do you have a weekly social [boys/girls] night out?
  10. If I was to write your autobiography which of the following title would best describe your self-care story?

           a) Leaning on Love; the nearly true story of [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE

           b) Walking on the moon; a dreamer’s quest for adventure.

           c) Straight Shot; the pursuit of focused winning.

           d) Tuck and Roll; a completely useless fire safety guide.


           e) The never-ending helping hand; the nearly true story of [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE]

   11. Do you meditate, or have an equivalent of dedicated quiet time?

   12. Is it easy for you to say “No” to obligations?

  13. Are you getting enough sleep?

  14. In the last 12 months have you taken a vacation?

  15. Do you have a hobby?

 16. Do you have a positive self-image?

 17. Do you have an activity routine?

18. Have you had to deal with BurnOut?

19. Are you self confident?

20. Does someone else’s needs supersede your own, right now?




Score 0-19 pts: Stay the course and enjoy the view: You have struck a good flow and balance in taking care of others and yourself. You are able to say “no” when you need to but are there to help when you can. You schedule alone time to do the things you enjoy regularly, but do be aware that when you feel the most balanced in maintaining self-care it can get slippery. You can learn to maintain it, but careful the same thing might not always do the trick. Change it up a bit!

Score 20-39 pts; You could use a pick me up: If you fell into this category you could use a reminder. It’s time for some self-care. You may have done something nice for yourself recently, but maybe it was not quite fulfilling your self-care needs to the fullest. The first thing you can do, is pick an idea off the list for a little random fun self-care. The kind of self-care that get’s your positive energy grown and replenishing. Buy tickets to a play you know nothing about, or a concert, or a fun adventure you’ve been meaning to check out. The power of self-care, is that you have the freedom to give exactly what you want to yourself. You are the only one, who can truly say what you want or need. And, you are in the best position to give it to yourself.

Score 40 and above; You are in immediate need for major self-care: Stop what you’re doing and make yourself a plan. Do something, even if it’s small this week to give yourself a little self-care. Go to bed early. No matter how many piles of laundry, no matter what you did or did not accomplished today, get to bed. It will easier for you to take care of it when you are fresh and recharged not Walking Dead, stressed out. The next thing you can do, is pick one entire day this week, as in within the next seven days, to throw yourself a “Me Party”. If you’re confused about what a “Me Party” is check out episode #2 for full details. But the point is, you have to take some serious time to reconnect with yourself. You need to bring back that awareness that Heather just talked about in episode #10. You need to check in and figure out, what it is that would give you the best self-care, and you have got to do it. Now, I know it’s hard. You can’t always take a nap when you need one, but this is your life, this is your time, you need to be able to at least schedule one. A nap, a good book, a hot bath, you know the drill. If you know you need your sleep to do well this week, and you have a to-do list of a mile long, make the radical change tonight, and give yourself permission to get good peaceful sleep. I know a lot of our listeners out there are dealing with trouble sleeping, and in an upcoming episode we are going to cover in depth ways to get the sleep you need, even if it’s been hard in the past or have dealt with insomnia.


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