Episode 57: Mind Mapping


It’s a real simple action plan, that’s free, easy to do, easy to follow through and can be modified specially for you.


  • DIY – You’ll need:
    • 1 piece of poster board (they come in massive sizes which is great, but you can always cut them to size).
    • You’ll need some different colored sheets of construction paper.
    • Color pencils, markers, crayons whatnot.
    • Round thing; like mason jar or other sized circle shaped items that you can trace.
    • Old magazines.
    • Glue stick. (adheasive of some kind).
    • Scissors.
    • Five goals that you want to accomplish.


  • How to – Make your map:
    • Step 1: cut out the five different sized circles,
    • write down your goals or tasks or ideas in bold letters on the circles you cut out
    • And glue them to your poster board
    • Then draw at least three solid lines coming out in different directions out from each main idea. Like spiders legs
    • And list out the supporting ideas, or the steps you’d need to take to reach that goal.
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