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Episode 54: Yasmin Nguyen Gratitude Inspired Living


I have always wanted to build a 7-figure business as I believed that it would be the mark of success. However, what I realized was that 7-figures wasn’t about revenue for me. It was about making 7-figure impact. Success means making a difference at least a million times.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that revenue and money are important to creating my desired lifestyle and making such an impact. The other component of success is being able to appreciate how much I grow and contribute every day.  Success is the true alignment and actualization of purpose, talent, desire, and impact.

I believe in order to deepen your relationships and grow a business you love, you need to do less proving and more inspiring through compelling stories of gratitude, and develop a regular practice of expressing appreciation for your clients, prospects, and peers.

I have discovered that:

  • The true currency of business is trust.
  • Gratitude is the engine that drives trust.
  • Our champions are waiting for an opportunity to make difference.
  • When we witness a genuine moment of connection, we experience trust.
  • To achieve extraordinary results, we must have a story, a strategy, and trust.
  • When we share passion, gratitude, and impact, we inspire others to take action
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