Episode 51: The great bra issue


I have some tips for you on how to find the perfect fit. Because you deserve to be in the right bra.

Okay so 5 self care tips for finding the perfect bra fit.


  1. Choose a band size that fits comfortably on the largest size setting. There should only be enough space to fit two fingers between the band and your back. Bras stretch as they age, so you’ll use the second and third hooks eventually.
  2. If your bra straps dig into your shoulders, try going down one band size. The band and straps work together, so painful straps are a sign that the band isn’t doing its share of the lifting.
  3. Are you overflowing the sides or top of your bra? Try going up a cup size. And make sure that you put your bra on while bending over to ensure all of your breasts make it into the cups!
  4. What about back fat? Try going up a band size instead. Many women assume lumpy back fat means their bra is too small (guilty!), but the opposite is often the case. When the band is too loose, it can ride up in the back, creating a less-than-desirable look.
  5. Have at least three different bras to rotate – Bras wear out. Most of us have to wear a bra every day, and there are different kinds of bras that achieve different outcomes. Sports bras, push ups, all day wear, and comfy support styles. So those are some factors to keep in mind.
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