Episode 51: Self-Care for Pride!

So here it is your unofficial guide to Pride; Self-care style   

  • Make sure you have an exit buddy – I don’t recommend going alone. Especially if you’ve never been before. And if you have and just are like last minute decide to run down, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but it’s just, its funner with friends. And it’s safer. Big crowds, sun, drinking and shanaganings are better with an exit buddy. 
  • Honor your limits in crowds If you get anxious in crowds or do not deal well with people in your space, make sure you plan accordingly. The actual parades themselves are packed and there are people everywhere. There is loud music, and people jammed together, so if that’s not your gig, make sure you stake out a spot that’s less crowded and find a chill area. 


  • Limit alcohol Gay Pride events tend to be alcohol heavy and if it’s your time to let loose and celebrate with your community in a safe manner, than by all means do so!
  • Do not engage protesters These events tend to bring out the big opposition, and although I do totally believe in free speech, it’s the worst of times for this kind of display. And it can really be painful to see, so the best guild for self-care, is just, don’t engage them. Walk away.


  • Have an outfit planned out; bigger the better! These events are all about the flashy colorful celebration of diversity and community and we want to see everyone decked out in their best rainbow gear. Show your Pride and slap a rainbow on it!
  • If/when you see an ex; don’t freak out  This is the one event that everyone in our community tends to go to, and you want it to be a positive experience, so no drama, no digging up old ghosts, if you see them, they see you, remember we are all in this together, be kind to each other. Move on.


  • Thank every ally you know – It’s time to be grateful to the people in our lives who support us, who love and accept us for who we are, not who we date. If you’ve not done this before, I implore you to do so. Think of the positive impact you’ll have on another person for acknowledging their efforts.  
  • BE OUT – Being out and wearing something to say that to the world can be a bold step for some. But we must, we have to show the world, especially the haters out there, that we are just like everyone else, and our lives matter, that our families matter, that we are equal citizens of this country and we are PROUD!
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