Episode 50: Year in review

  • The number one way our listeners get self care is Sleep. 
  • Socializing was a top one on the list. 
  • Biggest hindrance to getting self care is remembering to do it.
  • Self care feels weird at first, if feels selfish, we don’t know what to do. 
  • No one can give you self care
  • The same thing does not always work; you’ve go to mix it up  
  • Why are you avoiding putting yourself first.
  • Learn yourself and you get to develop self trust and confidence. You develop independence.  
  • Self worth. 
  • Spot the difference between self care and being selfish. 
  • When major things come up, will you put your self care on the back burner or tend to yourself?
  • Self care is a direct path to confidence.
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