Episode 49: Self Care is Sexy Assessment Tool


Section 1. Assess how you feel about yourself.

  1. What is your biggest piece of emotional baggage?
  2. What are the old patterns you love to repeat?
  3. How often do you engage in negative self-talk?
  4. Do you try to be something you’re not?
  5. What is the best part of you?


Section 2. Assess how well you know or can spot your self-care needs.  

  1. What do you want right now?
  2. What is at the root of what’s bugging you?
  3. Do you consider yourself busy?
  4. What is your number one core value?
  5. Did you try something new this year? And if so, what was the outcome?


Section 3. Assess your past week.   

  1. How many times this week did you get physical self-care?
  2. What have you done this past week for physiological self-care?
  3. How much time did you spend on emotional self-care this week?
  4. How many days this week did you have spiritual self-care?
  1. How well do you practice self care at work?
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