Episode 47: Portland Podcast festival/DIY Self Care Kits

Self Care is Sexy was voted to be a part of Portland’s first annual Podcast festival http://pdxpodfestival.com.

I had a great time meeting with and talking to other nerdy podcasters!  I was so impressed by the other shows that were a part of the event, and I felt really lucky to be on stage and to watch other shows, how they do their shows and get to know all of the other great nerdy podcasters. Which there were a lot. And I was so impressed by how many fans that were there. It felt good to see all these people who enjoy doing the same fun random stuff as I do. That’s why I love Portland so much. The love and support from the crowd was so cool and they were really into it, and I could tell these were long standing fans of the shows! I got to meet Caitlin Weierhauser of Room of Requirement 237! http://rivercitypodcastfederation.com/ror237/ who was hilarious and a blast to watch on stage. And of course I had to fan girl out a little bit when I talked with Sarah X Dylan from Funemployment Radio in the potty before the show. http://funemploymentradio.com


DIY SELF CARE KITS – You can makes these as great gifts to you or someone else. 

You will need:

1. Gift bags – You can get them cheap at the dollar store, order online. 

2. Self-care items – Can be all different kinds. Helps to buy assembly style. i.e. 20 little hand soaps from Bath and Body Works, or like pack of teas. 

3. Fancy pants paper – Tissue paper to stuff and decorate with. There’s got to be a hippy among us that makes it for fun!! 

4. Little cards – With ideas from “The List” found at www.selfcareissexy.com.

5. Glitter, confetti, bedazzle stickers! – Decorate and have fun!!

The can kit include –

Bath items.


Coupons to yourself to do something nice for example, get a massage, get nails done, uninterrupted bath night/home spa day, 1 hour Do Not Disturb time. Bottle of wine or tea and.or coffee. Scented candles.

Manicure set

Adult coloring book with pens/markers.

A journal *extra credit if it’s to yourself and you write positive phrases in the footer of every tenth page (share some examples).

Self-care is sexy bookmarks/and or stickers.


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