Episode 43: FOMO JOMO; Fear of Missing Out & Joy of Missing Out

This week’s show is all about  FOMO & JOMO; Fear of Missing Out and the Joy of Missing Out. You may have heard about the fear of missing out. You may have even experienced it yourself from time to time. Maybe didn’t call it that, or known what it was, but it’s a constant anxiety that something fun is happening without you. If you listen to the way people talk about social events and what they focus on, you can spot it a mile away. It can include events when all of your friends are collectively going out to do something really fun, and you’re afraid you’ll miss it. Or you have the FOMO because you simpliy can’t go, or perhaps you don’t get the invite. Or worse yet, you say yes to every social engagement because you’re so afraid you’ll miss all the fun. If you’ve had to work with this before, of if this is striking a chord with you, take a listen to this week’s episode. I have some ways you can spot if you are falling in to the Fear of Missing Out and ideas on how to combat it, and then I’m gonna talk about the JOMO the “Joy of Missing out” concept and ways to create that.

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