Episode 42: Interview with Mary Shores

I want to introduce you to Ms. Mary Shores! Mary, is the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business and also the author of Conscious Communications, a life-changing new self-development book grounded in practical action and scientific evidence, published by Hay House in August 2017.

As a single mother, divorcee, and business owner, Mary has gained helpful tools to teach how to overcome adversity, break barrier beliefs, set attainable goals, and take action toward creating a life in alignment with desires.


And we get into the science of self-care and positive thinking, she has a ton of free giveaways on her website, all really actionable exercises worth a look and worth the time. She shares her very person tragic and yet triumphant story of how she because so interested in how the brain works, and how that curiosity lead her to success beyond her wildest dreams, and she is gonna share how you can get there do.


So here she is Mary Shores.

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