Episode 40: Self Care vs Fun

Check in – get somewhere quite, turn off the distractions and sit with this decision, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Don’t deny your needs over wants – Time to get real, do you NEED to go out, or do you WANT self-care?!

Gage your FOMO – make sure you’re not going out just because you’re afraid to miss out on the fun.

Make a Pro/Con list – Simple, yet effective and works every time. Make a list and the longest one wins!

You only live once – Combat this thinking, because while yes, that may be true. Let’s shift gears to the quality of that living.

Journal – Write it down, get it out, and review for reflection.

Talk out loud – say the words out loud and see if you can hear and feel what’s best for you.

Plan future self-care – If you decide fun over self-care, before you leave the house, schedule your upcoming self-care #meparty, or event, and make sure that you honor that commitment.

Schedule self-care – Get out the phone, your calendars, passion planners, whatever you use and start making self-care an non negotiable

Make you a priority – What is the most important thing to you right now? And are you making sure that thing is getting your full attention, above work, your parents, your kids and other obligations?


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