Episode 32: The Compound Effect

This week I’m sharing The Compound Effect with you. We’re going to get into what the Compound effect is, how it relates to self-care and five different ways on how you can use it right now!!

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Five different self-care tools;

  1. Set a goal –  Be intentional, and make it something measurable. Set a goal that means something to you. Look at the people you admire, and see what qualities they possess. There is something to be said for what you admire, it is a glimpse of who we are, or want to be. WORD. I mean look at someone that you admire, see what they have accomplished. The best way to find your goal is to think of something you’ve always wanted to do, or be, or feel. For me, it’s seeing Paris and playing my clarinet in the park under the Eiffel tower in a beautiful dress and leopard print high heels, that cost a fortune and are all for ME! Or owning my own home, free and clear. Being able to add on to it, garden, build my own sanctuary. That;s always been a goal. So you know, let your mind wander a little into fantasy land and dream big baby. That’s how you set a real goal.
  2. Develop a “pre-shot” routine: some things you can not control. Like the weather, a car not starting, not landing a project, or getting a nasty email from an ex. But what you can control is your daily pre-shot routine. This is a tactic athletes use to ground themselves before performing, Tony Robbins, famous public speaker, has a pre-shot or pre-show routine. Smart people develop habits that they do over and over and over again that set them up for success. Some of mine are, laying out my outfits for the week, meal prepping, limiting myself to only two social functions a week. And turning off technology when I am spending time with the people  I love. If you do these habits over and over again it will set you up for success.
  3. Tracking –  I’ve learned the power of tracking many ways. I’ve been journaling my entire life, from a journal of my daily thoughts, to my weight watcher tracking my food,  to tracking my productivity through time keeping at work. I track. And I love it as a life hack tool. I also set monthly reminders to review what I’ve tracked. That’s why I love my Passion Planner, this thing seriously has really helped me, and you know I don’t get paid to say that, it just works. Tracking is what’s going on. Keep an account. A captain’s log if you will. If you’ve listened to this show, you know I love journaling as a form of self-care. It has helped me to know exactly what I want out of this life, it gives you a plan, and it’s a way to look back and learn from your’re experiences. Tracking alone can help you giving you a type of guidance, or direction, a road map to where you are going. It’s a powerful tool. You can use tracking for your food, your thoughts, your dreams, traits of your ideal partner. I love tracking! I keep my list of things and ideas I’ve accomplished, as a way to see what worked and what daily systems i have in place to make my life run well for me. So it could be a gratitude journal, it could be the note section of your phone, or try out an app. There are all sorts of ways to track. No matter what way you choose to do it, tracking can make life easier.
  4. Identify your triggers for your bad habits: the who, what, where, and when that prompts you to start your bad habits; oh my gosh you guys, this is some next level shit, and I have been working on this for a while, and to be transparent, it’s not going so well. I mean, I can see a few of my triggers, but recently I’ve enlisted some help, some guidance to see what they are, and I discovered one; and I want to share it with you as an example, so I met up with a personal trainer, to help me, an accountability coach, to really work with me, and we were doing some push ups on a counter, and I was timid. And she called me out. And as a complete knee jerk reaction, I spouted out that I didn’t want to break her counter. I meant it as a joke. It just so happens I was the butt of that particular joke and she called me out. And I realized, that when I feel insecure, I get down on myself. She saw it. Spotted it and called it right out. Self-care to the third degree, yo. How bad do we all need this shit. I mean I’ve been working on this stuff and that came out. So take a look at the triggers that cause your bad habits, it might be that working late make you grab fast food on the way home, it may be over committing makes you stay up too late.   
  5. Book End your days!: Implore a new tool to start and stop your day the same way that help to reflect. You might start by meditating every morning, or taking a walk, maybe start every day with a cup of tea and some time alone. This is time for setting an intention, and checking in with what you need for the day ahead. And end the day the same. Try to have a set bedtime and stick to it. Spend some quality time off screens to reconnect. You might start a gratitude journal of what you are thankful for that day! My sister and I always end out, sometimes marathon conversations with, “what was the best part of your day?” as a way to bookend our conversations and keep the focus on the positives.
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