Episode 29: The Power of Positive Thought

Changing your thoughts to change your life!

  1. Gratitude; as Tony Robbins and other great minds all say, you cannot be angry and feel gratitude at the same time, it’s impossible. It’s biologically impossible. They hooked people up to complicate tracking machines and figure this out
  2. Breathing/slowing down
  3. Saturate yourself in positive messages
  4. Create a morning routine that contains some kind of positive affirming practice
  5. Turn on music you love; i.e. create a self-care is sexy playlist, you can check mine out on spotify, just search Self Care is Sexy, you’ll find me
  6. Give to another; with no expectation of an outcome or reaction; do something nice for someone who can never repay you. Small acts of kindness are
  7. Write it down;

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