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  • Interview

    Episode 31: Rachel Adams

    This week meet Rachel Adams! She is in the top 1% best realtors in the United States, and she’s here to give us tips on leading life with authenticity! She shares her…

  • Interview

    Episode 39: Interview with Jesi

    Cram packed episode full of great ideas for self-care, from long baths, and great play lists to food prep to laughing yoga Jesi covers a ton of different ways to get self-care!…

  • Interview

    Episode 36: Heather from 1/2 Size Me

    Meet Heather from Half Size Me. She is an entrepreneur, mother of three young boys and the absolute queen of weight loss maintenance! This week, she shares her amazing weight loss success…

  • Interview

    Episode 33: Andie Main

    Today’s show is an interview with local comedian Andie Main. During her interview we talk about everything from anxiety with the election, to being busy as a form of self-care, and how…

  • Interview

    Episode 17: DJ Mr. Serious, John Tucker

    This week we are bring out our Man-a-sode! Its self-care from the male’s perspective. I welcome to the show the; talented, music video making, LED demo presenting, connect the dot-er, bi-weekly state…