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July 2016

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    Episode 22: Self Care Sabotage

    Today we’re gonna be talking about Self Care sabotage. I’m gonna share some examples, talk about the biggest self care saboteur out there, spoiler alert, it’s YOU! And I’m gonna give you…

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    Episode 21: Adult Coloring

    Today we are talking about Adult Coloring. I’m gonna go over some of the benefits, share some our member’s art with you guys, and I’m  gonna talk about my experiences with the…

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    Episode 20: Trish Blackwell

    We are celebrating the big 2 0 here at Self-Care is Sexy and boy do I have a mega treat for you!! I am introducing you to Ms. Trish Blackwell from Confidence…

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    Episode 19: I heart lists!

    This week I share with you my secret weapon for self-care…LISTS! I heart lists and you should to, learn why they are good for you, techniques and I share an email from…