The Self Care is Sexy project began with Kris and her good friend Sarah.

Sarah was in her final term of college, focusing on Graphic Design, and loved the saying “Self Care is Sexy.” She wanted to create some kind of design project based on this, so she bought this domain, not really sure what it would turn into. She told her amazingly talented friend Kris about the purchase, in which Kris asked if she could start a podcast around the topic of self care. After getting together a couple of times and collaborating on the potential of Self Care is Sexy as a blog, podcast, and more, they got to work!

With Kris’s amazing radio voice and contagious enthusiasm and Sarah’s love for visual design, Self Care is Sexy was born.

About the co-founder, author and host: 

Hi! I’m Kris, welcome to Self Care is Sexy! My main motivation for being involved with this project has been my own lack of knowledge. Follow along as I go through this journey of figuring out how to put my needs, my dreams, my desires, my goals and eventually learn how to put myself first! I invite you to tune in and see what works for you!

Before starting this project, I had no idea how many people needed to talk about self-care and the challenges of “putting themselves first”. I want to create and be a part of the movement that replaces the false mentality that, “Sleep is for the weak” or “All the things, All the time”, and the “go, go, go” lifestyle somehow equates success. As a community let’s show through example, that self care is sexy!



Hello, hello and welcome to Self Care is Sexy. My name is Kris and I’ll be your host. We are a weekly Podcast that is here to generate and share self-care ideas with each other. Join me each week as I roll out the tips, tricks and ideas for making self care a priority. I roll out amazing interviews, DIY projects, and resources you can really use. I also host a monthly vegan brunch in Portland, where we talk about self-care together! If you have a self-care idea you’d like to share or wanna be on the show, let me know! You can listen via ITunes, SoundCloud, or via the Podcast tab of our website! 

Thanks for listening!

(If you would like to be interviewed for the show, please email me at kris@selfcareissexy.com)